Tale of Gang Wars and Vengeance – KuruthiAattam

Tale of Gang Wars and Vengeance – KuruthiAattam

Tamil industry is known for the Hit action movies that it creates. From gang wars to the male power play, the Tamil industry is introducing the best hit action movies. If you want to watch one such movie that narrates the tale of Gang Wars and Vengeance, then you must definitely watch KuruthiAattam.

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The cast of KuruthiAattam

The director and the writer of this great Tamil movie are none other than Sri Ganesh. The movie presents several popular Tollywood films such as AtharvaaMurali, PriyaBhavani Shankar, RadhikaSarathkumar, Radha Ravi, Kanna Ravi, VatsanChakravarti, and PrakashRaghavan.

AtharvaaMurali has been noticed to play the lead role in the movie.

Plot of KuruthiAattam

The movie revolves around the lead characterShakthivel. He is seen as an attendant in a small Hospital located in Madurai. Shakthivel Is also noted as a character who is quite interested and fascinated with the game Kabaddi.

He has great tactics and has also won a couple of Kabaddi tournaments throughout. However, this rose to a Revolt, and a significant Kabaddi player belonging to the rival team developed unconditional hatred towards Shakthivel.

Before the end of the movie, viewers notice a strong and intense power play between the two great Kabaddi Players.

What to expect from KuruthiAattam?

The writing and the direction of the movie are quite admirable. The plot of the movie is well connected and linked with each other making it a very relevant and great watch. The lead role of the movie has played an excellent role throughout the movie.

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