Nguyen Van Duong – The Gambling Kingpin Involving Trillions

Nguyen Van Duong – The Gambling Kingpin Involving Trillions

The criminal process of Nguyen Van Duong – the gambling kingpin involving trillions of Vietnamese dong – has caused shock not only within the criminal community but also in the entire society. Nguyen Van Duong, the former Chairman of the Council of Members of CNC Company, has become one of the most feared and infamous figures in the history of crime in Vietnam.

Before becoming a gambling kingpin, Nguyen Van Duong had a background in business and investment. He was once the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UDIC Investment Corporation, a company involved in the joint venture for the construction of the Bac Giang – Lang Son expressway. However, he utilized his connections and knowledge to shift his focus towards online gambling activities.

Nguyen Van Duong collaborated with Phan Sao Nam, an accomplice in the case, to launch online card games. He instructed his subordinates to sign contracts with Phan Sao Nam’s company to organize online gambling activities through games such as Rikvip/Tip.Club, Zon/Pen, and 23Zdo. By acquiring domain names, registering brand messages, and establishing payment gateways, Nguyen Van Duong created favorable conditions to profit illegally, amassing a sum of up to 1.7 trillion dong.

After accumulating a vast amount of money from gambling activities, Nguyen Van Duong employed various tactics, including setting up dummy companies, forging contracts, and transferring capital contributions to other enterprises, in order to withdraw money and inflate the value of his own company’s capital. Furthermore, he directed his subordinates to use the names of partner companies and individuals to transfer the gambling proceeds to his company, with the intention of legitimizing this money.

However, the case involving trillions of dong in gambling could not remain hidden forever. After the investigation and prosecution process, Nguyen Van Duong was arrested and brought to trial. During the indictment and temporary detention, he voluntarily paid 4.1 billion dong and sold CNC Company’s headquarters to contribute over 61 billion dong to the investigating agency. Moreover, the investigating agency also seized numerous assets and froze over 8 billion dong in his bank accounts.

On November 30th, the People’s Court of Phu Tho Province issued the final verdict for Nguyen Van Duong. The trial panel sentenced him to 10 years in prison on charges of organizing gambling and money laundering. Nevertheless, he was considered to have actively cooperated and remedied the consequences, while voluntarily surrendering money and assets to mitigate the harm caused by his criminal activities. This helped him receive leniency under the law.

The case involving trillions of dong in gambling has triggered outrage and shock within society. It serves as evidence of the danger and complexity of online gambling-related crimes. The verdict imposed on Nguyen Van Duong serves as a clear warning to those intending to violate the law and cause harm to the community.

However, this case also highlights the importance of strengthening control and preventing crimes in the field of technology and communications. Cooperation is needed among relevant authorities, industries, and the community to prevent and promptly handle online criminal activities such as the Nguyen Van Duong case.

Based on the experience gained from this case, it is necessary to enhance legal awareness and vigilance regarding illegal activities on the internet. Governments, authorities, businesses, and the community should closely collaborate to create a safe environment, combat crimes, and protect the common interests of everyone.

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